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We provide a range of service packages tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you choose our no-brokerage commission plan or opt for one of our lead generation packages, we are committed to enhancing your success. Benefit from comprehensive broker support, cutting-edge technology, impactful branding, and a wealth of resources designed to elevate your real estate journey.

100% Commission

Our zero brokerage commission plans are tailored to your needs today, with products and features to help you grow and sell more.

Lead Generation

We’ve established strategic partnerships with prominent online channels and top-tier lead generation firms and experts, all committed to fueling your path to success. 

Advanced Technology

Utilize cutting-edge AI-based tools and resources to streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.

Wealth of Resources

Beyond just providing tools, tap into a wealth of resources that consistently nurture your pipeline, amplifying your access to clients, leads, and lucrative opportunities.

Unlock Your Success: Discover the Benefits of Flexibility, Independence, and 100% Commission.

Realtors, join us to elevate and expand your career. Gain exclusive insights into the advantages of joining the Hausroof team. Unlock the secrets to maximizing your earnings with our tech-enabled brokerage and 100% Commission plans. Schedule a call to learn why Hausroof is the ideal brokerage for you.

Associate Packages​

Hausroof package plans are tailored to match your current needs as an agent today, enhanced with products and features to support your journey towards future success.

Real estate on the side.


100% Commission

Monthly fee: $99,99

Sales: $499,00*

Lease: $149,00**

No commitment.


  • 24/7 Support
  • Transaction Management System
  • Smart CRM
  • Rapid ACH Commission Disbursement
  • E&O Insurance
  • Co-Working Business Lounge
  • Google Workspace
  • Integrated DocuSign E-Signature

Ideal for full-time producers.


100% Commission

Monthly fee: $69,99

Sales: $399,00*

Lese: $99,00**

12 months commitment.


Everything from Pro-Lite plus: 


  • Personal Agent Website

  • Expedited Compliance Review

Exclusive to a select agents. By invitation only.


  • Broker Lead Programs
  • Agent Ownership Program
  • Mentor Certified Program
  • Training Opportunities
  • Health Benefits Partnership
  • Free or Discounted CE Classes 

* High-value fee of $200 per sale, per $500K, starting at a $1MM sale price.

** High rent fee of $19.99 per lease, per $1k, starting at $5k rental value.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find some frequently asked questions (FAQ), but remember that we are just a call away.

All our agents enjoy 100% commissions with no splits or caps!

Our agents receive 100% commission from sales and rentals, with a processing fee applicable for each transaction based on the selected associate package.

At Hausroof, we understand that support is indispensable for agents, no matter their experience level, making it effortless to obtain answers to your questions. Whether by phone, text, email, chat, or joining our live online call, we’re here to provide immediate assistance for all your real estate inquiries, ensuring we keep pace with the swift movement of the industry.

Yes, there’s no need for you to visit the office for any task. We’re fully equipped to support your success in today’s virtual landscape. Our smart concept enables us to operate effectively, ensuring professional and comfortable operations.

We offer leads through our lead generation partners without any upfront costs, although these partners do take a referral fee upon closing.

To be considered and receive an invitation for an Advisor position at Hausroof, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated excellence in the real estate industry.
  • Exceptional client service skills.
  • Strong leadership abilities.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Consistent track record of high performance.
  • Alignment with Hausroof’s values and culture.

Candidates who meet these criteria are eligible for consideration for an Advisor position, which represents a leadership role within our firm.

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